Aequanimitas Summer 2020

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A twice-yearly newsletter for current and former Johns Hopkins Medicine housestaff and friends

All Together Now: Building a More Inclusive Osler Residency Program

Historically, efforts to ensure a more inclusive residency program have relied on Osler trainees from unrepresented minorities. Leaders are working to change that. They want to ensure that everyone has a role to play in attracting underrepresented physicians to the program.

Illustration of four doctors. One holds a laptop while another holds a tablet.

Articles in this Issue

  • Rising to an Unprecedented Occasion

    The director of the Osler Medical Residency Training Program celebrates the swift responsiveness and tenacity of residents, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its devastating path.

    Portrait of Sanjay Desai, Director, Osler Medical Residency Program
  • Beyond the Dome

    Osler alum and 2019 Nobel Laureate Bill Kaelin studies mutations in the von Hippel-Landau disease that increase the risk of kidney cancer and other tumors. He and others went on to discover the molecular switch VHL uses to control the oxygen-sensitive protein hypoxia-inducible factor. Kaelin shares his insights and reminisces about his Osler training.

    Bill Kaelin is greeted with cheers from his lab team.
  • An Unmatched Match Day

    We are delighted to welcome the newly minted M.D.s who matched at The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Osler Residency Program.

    Doctorate student stands in computer with a match letter.