An Unmatched Match Day

Published in Aequanimitas - Aequanimitas Summer 2020

Besides being the largest Match Day in National Resident Program Main Residency Program Match history, March 20, 2020 was notable for another reason: the absence of festivities. Gone were the cheers and embraces as fourth-year medical students opened their envelopes. By then, the coronavirus pandemic had begun in earnest. Hence, the life-altering news about where they matched took place virtually. That said, jubilant selfies and social media posts flooded the Osler Medical Residency site.

Worldwide, millions of people have since been diagnosed with COVID-19; hundreds of thousands have died from the disease. Many Osler trainees have been on the front lines of care.

We are delighted to welcome the newly minted M.D.s who matched at The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Osler Residency Program.

Class Notes

These medical students matched to begin Osler medical training in July:

Arielle Abovich - University of Alabama

Daniel Ardeljan - Johns Hopkins

Wardah Athar - Yale University

Todd Brenner - Harvard University

Justin Brilliant - University of Maryland

Caroline Cantilena - University of Kansas

Stephan Castellanos - Baylor University

Sara Corderman - SUNY Downstate

Julie Coursen - University of South Carolina

Erica Crosley - Emory University

Tracy Dodd - Louisiana State University

Jeffrey Ehmsen - Johns Hopkins

Sheila Enoh - University of Pittsburgh

Christine Farrell - University of Pennsylvania

Brent Gudenkauf - Texas Tech

Franciska Gudenkauf - Baylor University

Salem-Michael Harry-Hernandez - University of Connecticut

Amir Heravi - Johns Hopkins

Gloria Hong - Johns Hopkins

Ling Huang - Albert Einstein

Robert Hughes - Johns Hopkins

Artrish Jefferson - Meharry

Lauren Johnson - University of Pennsylvania

Trent Johnson, Jr. - Ohio State University

Brigitte Kazzi - Columbia University

Elizabeth Kiernan - Temple University

Ann Kim - Case Western

Kristina Klara - Yale University

Steven Langerman - George Washington University

Melvin Larker - Duke University

Elizabeth Lee - University of Tennessee

Andrew Maul - Harvard University

Leonid Mirson - University of Pittsburgh

Tamara Nunez - University of Illinois

Puja Panwar - Texas A&M

Keval Patel - Washington University, St. Louis

Jillian Peters - Brown University

Neha Rajpal - Georgetown University

Zaid Safiullah - University of Pittsburgh

Sima Sharara - American University of Beirut

Aarti Thakkar - Duke University

Bhavya Varma - University of Pittsburgh

Laura Walsh - University of Virginia

Lawrence Wu - UT Southwestern

Eric Xie - Johns Hopkins

Fawzi Zghyer - Cornell Qatar


Wardah Athar - Yale University

Rohini Chakravarthy - Vanderbilt University

Bernard Rosal - New Mexico University

Jenny Zhang - Hofstra University


Jeffrey Ehmsen - Johns Hopkins


Joniqua Ceasar - Baylor University

Sophie Crinion - University of California, San Francisco

Christle Nwora - University of Texas, Southwestern

Urveel Shah - University of Illinois