Finding Hope

Published in Hopkins Medicine - Summer 2020

At a time when the global pandemic of COVID-19 has sent the world reeling, casting us all into a sea of uncertainty about what the future will hold, it is immensely reassuring to witness the way that people across Johns Hopkins have stepped up to confront the crisis. In COVID-19: Special Report, you’ll read about just some of the ways that our students, researchers and front-line personnel have risen to the extraordinary challenges posed by the novel coronavirus. Of course, the situation changes by the day. To stay current on the latest COVID-related news and information at Johns Hopkins Medicine, visit the COVID-19 information site.

I would also encourage you to check out a staff appreciation gallery, created as part of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Moments campaign. The site includes moving portraits of Johns Hopkins health care providers, a kudoboard with posts of appreciation and videos in which Johns Hopkins Medicine employees candidly share their experiences. Their stories are inspiring — and offer us all a welcome source of hope during a time that has brought so much suffering and despair.