Skin Deep

Scar Revision Clinic provides relief for severe scarring

Published in Fall 2016

A scar—whether caused by an accident or surgery—is the body’s natural way of healing lost or damaged skin. Scars can appear anywhere on the body, and can look flat, lumpy, sunken or discolored. They may be painful or itchy. They usually fade over time, but never go away completely.

“Most people consider scars a cosmetic issue, but for others, scars may restrict movement in the skin and affect a person’s ability to function,” says Julie Caffrey, D.O., acute and reconstructive burn surgeon. “If you have scarring that limits your daily activities, you may want to consider scar revision.”

The Scar Revision Clinic at Johns Hopkins Bayview provides relief for severe scarring through compression, silicone and laser treatments. Although it can’t erase the scar completely, treatment can improve the appearance of a scar, reduce pain and improve movement by making the surrounding skin softer and more elastic.

“We work with each patient to come up with a treatment plan that will provide the best results possible,” says Dr. Caffrey. “Often, it includes a combination of treatments.”

To learn more about scar revision or to schedule an appointment, call 443-997-9466.