Liver Care and Transplant for D.C.-Area Patients

Published in Winter 2017 and Inside Tract - Summer 2016

Patients in the national capital region who need liver transplants needn’t make their way to Baltimore for their many workup and evaluation appointments. Instead, Johns Hopkins comes to them.

Hepatologist Kirti Shetty has found that many of her patients in the Greater Washington region prefer to stay close to home for their care. “Patients with complex liver disease are pleased to have access to Johns Hopkins specialists right in their own neighborhoods,” she says.

As director of hepatology, Shetty leads a Johns Hopkins’ regional transplant outreach and care program. The Johns Hopkins transplant program serves patients throughout the national capital region. A multidisciplinary team of Johns Hopkins specialists perform evaluations in Bethesda and Frederick, Maryland. In a single day, patients can consult with members of a diverse group of Johns Hopkins experts, which would otherwise only be possible with multiple appointments at different locations.” Following the transplant evaluation, we are able to provide ongoing care at the clinic closest to them,” she explains. “Through Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, we have clinics all over the region.”

Patients may be hospitalized at the two Johns Hopkins Medicine hospitals within the region, Sibley and Suburban, with the transplant procedure being performed at the The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Patients then transition back to their own communities for follow-up care. “This seamless, integrated system combines the expertise of one of the world’s leading transplant programs with the convenience of care close to home,” Shetty says.