We Love Lucy

Published in Dome - January/February 2016

David Hackam, the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s surgeon-in-chief, can be just as playful as Lucy Jenkins, its vivacious 2015–2016 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. Now 4 years old, Lucy was an infant when Johns Hopkins pediatric surgeons took a novel approach to repair a premature fusion of the cranial sutures between the bones of her tiny skull. Using new technology, they mapped out every aspect of her complex surgery before making a single incision, improving the surgery’s precision and safety. Now, Lucy will help host the 2016 Mix 106.5 FM Radiothon on Feb. 17–18. Proceeds benefit Johns Hopkins Children’s Center patients and their families. Learn more about Lucy and her remarkable journey to better health at bit.ly/LucyJHChildrenscenterradiothon