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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Vestibulopathy Rehabilitation

Therapy and Rehabilitation

The mission of this software and hardware is to provide patients suffering from vestibular disorders with therapeutic rehabilitative games and experiences to allow them to more quickly and effectively compensate for their vestibulopathy and thereby regain better balance. The gaming experiences will likely involve eye and head tracking, where control of an in-game vehicle or creature requires fixed gaze with simultaneous head movement. The games may also require simultaneous use of a foot-based joystick, which serves both as a control input and an external peripheral requiring coordination and balance. The goal is to provide a challenging multi-tasking game that mimics real-life situations that combine balance and movement.

Game design will require that the team be provided with physician-supervised clinical observation of the anticipated spectrum of patients with abnormal VORs and impaired balance. We predict a 5-8 month development timeline.