Technology Overview

Kata designs experiences for neuro-motor training. Our designs incorporate proprietary technology, domain knowledge, and know-how, in the areas of: complex motor movement input (both software and hardware) physics animation visual spatial challenges compelling and engaging experiences.

Our Projects

Kata’s ongoing and expanding effort is focused on changing the rehabilitation landscape in the hospital and home by creating experiences centered on complex immersive movement. Here you will find details about ongoing projects that are using a combination of unique gaming software, eye and motion tracking, force sensors, 3D printed hardware, and customized exoskeletal robotics in patients with hemiparesis after stroke, ALS and vestibular insufficiency

Support Kata

Support from generous individuals, foundations and corporations is crucial to the success of our group. It will enable the Kata team to use innovative hardware and software design, informed by clinical insights, deep artistic foundations and rigorous scientific principles, to bring back complex movement and the positive feelings this engenders, in our patients and those throughout the world.

Contact Us

Omar Ahmad, PhD
Director of Kata, Chief Designer, Simulation Engineer and Animator
Email: [email protected]