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Brain-Computer Interface Studies Woman in a library aisle

The Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology is recruiting participants for a clinical trial investigating brain-computed interface (BCI) systems for patients with movement and communication impairments. Dr. Nathan Crone, professor of neurology, leads the trial.


Investigation on the Cortical Communication (CortiCom) System

This trial aims to evaluate a specific BCI model, the CortiCom system. To learn more about the CortiCom Study, call 410-955-6772.


  • The CortiCom Study will involve:
    • Surgery to implant an electrode grid to control the BCI
    • Training to operate the BCI three days a week at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Participants will receive up to $3,000 in compensation.
  • The study will last six months.
Illustration of the corticom BCI system

The Cortical Communication (CortiCom) System's electrical grid connects to the rest of the computer system and its software. 


Participants should be:
  • Between the ages of 22 and 70
  • Affected by significant movement impairment due to spinal cord injury, stroke or neuromuscular disease, including locked-in syndrome
  • Willing to have brain surgery
  • Cleared by their doctor for participation
  • Able to travel to The Johns Hopkins Hospital several times a week
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