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ALS Clinical Trials Unit Abstract illustration of brain neurons.

Clinical trials are essential to understanding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and developing effective treatments. The ALS Clinical Trials Unit is committed to helping patients with this disease. Our team of investigators, nurses, and clinical research staff have over 100 years of combined experience in ALS clinical research.


How We Make Sure You Are Safe

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our doctors and care teams are taking extra precautions to make your visit as safe as possible.

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Testing and Screening

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Masks and Protective Equipment

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Physical Distancing

Learn more about COVID-19 safety precautions at Johns Hopkins.


Find a Clinical Trial

Dr. Nicholas Maragakis

We are entering an unprecedented time for ALS therapeutics as there has never been such a breadth of unique targets being investigated. Our goal is to have every interested and eligible ALS patient participating in a clinical trial.

- Nicholas Maragakis, M.D.


About the ALS Clinical Trials Unit

Johns Hopkins Medicine triad is the commitment to research, teaching and patient care. True to this mission, the close relationship between Johns Hopkins ALS Clinic, clinical research and laboratory research to advance ALS therapeutics has been longstanding. Earliest clinical trials in ALS date back to 1986. Since then, over 30 of these trials have been carried out at Johns Hopkins, initiated as single center investigations as well as national and international multi-center trials.

The ALS Clinic at Johns Hopkins is a world recognized leader in providing superior medical care and offers the latest in research studies, clinical drug trials,and therapies to ALS patients. Almost all the major therapeutic approaches toward ALS have been carried out, or initiated, at Johns Hopkins.

At the ALS Clinical Trials Unit, there is a seamless relationship with the ALS Clinic. This allows ALS patients seen at Johns Hopkins to receive outstanding multidisciplinary clinical care and have the opportunity to participate in ALS clinical trials and clinical research.

Lecture Series

Hear from leading scientists about the latest developments in ALS research.

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