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Clinical Programs

Outpatient Neuro-Ophthalmology and Oto-Neurology Clinic

Our clinical faculty and fellows evaluate and treat outpatients with neuro-visual and vestibular disorders. We see patients primarily at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center. Daniel Gold, D.O., is our clinical lead for the division and has clinics for patients with either neuro-visual or vestibular disorders. Amir Kheradmand, M.D., has a clinic for patients with vestibular disorders. Staff technicians perform neuro-visual and vestibular function tests.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment Clinic

We perform botulinum toxin treatment injections for patients with involuntary facial spasms (hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm). The injections relax these muscle spasms, improving quality of life for patients.

Tele-Dizzy Consultation Program

Our clinical faculty and fellows evaluate and treat Emergency Department patients with a primary symptom of dizziness or vertigo via a unique tele-dizzy consultation service that began in 2017. This service brings cutting-edge technology to the bedside to generate high-value health care by improving quality and reducing costs of care. Emergency personnel identify patients with potential inner ear disorders or brain problems causing their dizziness or vertigo symptoms. These individuals undergo a standard battery of vestibular eye movement tests in the Emergency Department using a special portable eye movement recording device. The test results are electronically transferred to our center for review by our subspecialist experts in dizziness and vertigo diagnosis. As a result, we are able to provide accurate, efficient diagnoses of benign inner ear disorders. At the same time, we can detect the earliest manifestations of dangerous strokes that might otherwise go undetected until it is too late for treatment.

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Maryland Patients

To request an appointment or refer a patient, please contact the Vestibular Disorder Staff at 410-955-9313.
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Adult Neurology: 410-955-9441
Pediatric Neurology: 410-955-4259
Adult Neurosurgery: 410-955-6406
Pediatric Neurosurgery: 410-955-7337


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