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Stiff Person Syndrome Center

Stiff person syndrome (SPS) affects only about one or two in a million people. Being diagnosed with this very rare condition can leave patients and families with many questions and few answers. The Stiff Person Syndrome Center at Johns Hopkins’ Department of Neurology can offer clarity, effective symptom management and hope for the future.

Drawing together a team of experts in neurology, immunology, ophthalmology, neuromuscular disease and other specialties, the Stiff Person Syndrome Center is dedicated to advancing our understanding of this disease and leading the way toward more effective treatments.

photo of Gay, who is living with SPS A Patient's Story
Meet Gay, a woman living with SPS and addressing her symptoms with help from our center.
Photo of Dr. Scott Newsome Our Team
The multidisciplinary experts at our center offer you a highly individualized approach.
photo of man who has fallen down About SPS
SPS is rare, but its symptoms can be debilitating. Learn more about this condition.
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An Individualized Approach to Each Patient

SPS can cause a range of symptoms that vary from individual to individual. At the Stiff Person Syndrome Center, the multidisciplinary team will assess every facet of your life and well-being affected by SPS, and tailor a treatment plan specific to you.

Most important, the team will continue to follow your progress, connecting you with emerging treatments and new knowledge.

Patient Information

Our team has put together information for new patients and those returning for follow-up appointments. Feel free to review before your appointment to get answers to frequently asked questions:

New Center for Infusion Therapy

Johns Hopkins’ Neurosciences Consultation and Infusion Center is open and ready to welcome you at Pavilion II at Green Spring Station in Lutherville, Maryland.

An Extensive Stiff Person Syndrome Database

The center’s repository of SPS biomarkers and other patient data is among the world’s largest, providing rare insight into mechanisms of disease, criteria for accurate diagnosis and promising therapies.

Through long-term tracking of over 100 patients, the team at the Stiff Person Syndrome Center is gaining a better understanding of how and why this rare disease occurs, and how to treat each individual with the best possible outcomes in mind. 

Dr. Scott Newsome Explains Stiff Person Syndrome

Dr. Newsome describes stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological condition that often takes several years to be properly diagnosed.

Management of Stiff Person Syndrome

Dr. Newsome describes the treatment options - both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic - for people with stiff person syndrome.

Stiff Person Syndrome: Differential Diagnosis

Dr. Newsome describes some of the methods used to properly diagnose stiff person syndrome and distinguish it from other conditions.

Stiff Person Syndrome, Stress and Cancer

Stiff person syndrome is a devasting, painful condition that can be aggravated by stress.

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