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RLS Research and Clinical Trials

Every day, research uncovers new information about possible therapies for RLS. Your involvement in clinical studies could help in the development of medications to treat RLS. You, a family member, and many other people may benefit from your willingness to become involved.

What Is a Clinical Study?

A clinical study is carefully designed to test the effects of a medication, medical treatment, or device in a group of volunteers. Clinical studies are an important step in making new medication available. They measure the study drug's ability to treat a condition, its safety, and its possible side effects. This information helps doctors and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decide if a drug is safe and effective for an illness or disease before it is made widely available to physicians and patients.

During an individual's participation in a clinical study, he or she will see doctors and nurses frequently. In many clinical studies, participants may receive either the drug being studied or a placebo (sugar pill). Study related physical examinations, laboratory tests, and study medications are usually provided at no cost throughout the trial. In addition, travel and other expenses accrued during the study may also be reimbursed.

Current Research Studies

Understanding the Role of Epigenetics in RLS
This study is designed to address the question of why does RLS have such a high inheritance risk. To date there has been no single gene identified that can account for the 35-40% relative risk of inherency. This study looks deeper into complex genetic regulation (epigenetics) to determine if inheritance risk lies within these factors. If you are woman who currently has iron deficiency anemia then you may be eligible for this study. We are looking for woman who do and do not (control group) have RLS symptoms.

Interested participants should call the RLS Center Study Recruiter at 410-550-1046

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