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Rasmussen syndrome (also known as Rasmussen encephalitis), is a rare neurological disease that generally affects one hemisphere of the brain, often resulting in frequent seizures. It is considered to be an immune-mediated epilepsy.

A number of other disorders (including other forms of brain inflammation, also known as encephalitis) can resemble Rasmussen syndrome, so the diagnosis should be made only after careful consideration by collaborative team of specialized physicians.

Patients and their families benefit from the experience of our patient care team and receive a full spectrum of services, including diagnosis, treatment (both medical and surgical), along with our partners in rehabilitation and neuropsychology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, located on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • By collaborating with a multidisciplinary team throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine, we work hand in hand to provide the best possible patient care.
  • Patients have convenient access to internationally recognized Kennedy Krieger Institute rehabilitation experts. Learn more about our programs and services offered.
  • Patients can be treated from as early as birth to 21 years of age.
  • Johns Hopkins physicians are recognized as leaders in the treatment of Rasmussen syndrome, providing specialized and compassionate care.

Goals of the Center

  • Reduce the burden of illness in Rasmussen syndrome (Rasmussen encephalitis) and immune-mediated epilepsies, through accurate diagnosis and treatment that is both timely and specific.
  • Investigate the experiences and consequences of immune dysregulation in epilepsy to better understand how to treat the condition.
  • Serve as an educational resource for children, their families, and healthcare professionals regarding Rasmussen syndrome.

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