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Biopsy Shipping Instructions

Please follow the guidelines below for proper shipping instructions and related information.

  1. Do not ship specimens on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or the day before a major holiday. If in doubt, contact the Johns Hopkins Medicine Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory at 410-614-6399.
  2. Place labeled, cryoprotected specimen tubes in the leak-proof plastic bag provided with the shipping kit.
  3. Place the bag in the Styrofoam carton provided to your site along with the chilled refrigeration pack.
  4. Place the carton into the shipping container along with the completed Skin Biopsy Requisition form.
  5. Affix the pre-printed FedEx Priority One Overnight label and airbill to the package and contact FedEx for pick-up.
  6. Call the Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory at 410-614-6399 to notify us of the shipment, and FedEx airbill and tracking numbers. You may also fax a copy of the airbill with tracking number to 410-502-5560.
  7. The shipping address for the Johns Hopkins Medicine Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory is:

    Michael Polydefkis, M.D.
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital
    The John G Rangos Bldg, Rm 440
    855 N. Wolfe Street
    Baltimore, MD 21205

    Phone:  410-955-3254

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Maryland Patients

To schedule an appointment for a cutaneous nerve/skin biopsy, please have your doctor contact our office at 410-614-6399
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Adult Neurology: 410-955-9441
Pediatric Neurology: 410-955-4259
Adult Neurosurgery: 410-955-6406
Pediatric Neurosurgery: 410-955-7337


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