First Seizure Clinic

If you or your child experience a seizure and have never had one before, you may have questions such as:

  • What caused the seizure?
  • Will there be more?
  • Do I (or does my child) have epilepsy?
  • Is treatment necessary?

The First Seizure Clinic at Johns Hopkins can help you find answers, and can evaluate you or your child to determine:

Who should come to the First Seizure Clinic?

Children: Infants Through Age 17

Call 410-955-9100 and choose option 3 if your child:

  1. Lives in Maryland
  2. Has experienced their first seizure in the last 30 days
  3. Has visited their primary care physician
  4. Has not yet seen a neurologist for the seizure

Adults Age 18 and Older

Call 410-955-9441.

Other Ways to See a Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Specialist

If these criteria do not apply to you or your child but you still wish to consult with one of our epilepsy doctors, please see Patient Information for details on how to request an appointment.

Patient Resources

A new diagnosis of seizures in a child brings up many questions for parents, families and caregivers. If Your Child Has Seizures: A Guide for the Parents, Families, and Caregivers of Newly Diagnosed Children with Epilepsy or a Seizure Disorder can help you get up to speed quickly on what to expect and how to get help and support.