Division of Advanced Clinical Neurology

The Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology Division of Advanced Clinical Neurology serves patients affected by a wide range of common and rare neurological disorders, especially those that do not clearly fit within a single neurological subspecialty.

With the goal of providing the right neurological care in the right setting for each patient, our team of highly trained academic neurology generalists provides you with timely access to diagnosis and treatment with an emphasis on continuity of care. Services include inpatient and urgent consultation, acute hospitalization and clinical follow-up.

Neurologic Diseases and Conditions We Treat

  • New onset neurological syndromes
  • Undifferentiated neurological disease
  • Neurological syndromes with complex management needs
  • Neurological manifestations of systemic disease
  • Neurological syndromes due to the disease processes or treatments of cancer
  • Neurological syndromes related to immunocompromised status

General Inpatient Neurology Instructorship

Established in 2012, the general inpatient neurology instructorship at Johns Hopkins includes specialty training in inpatient neurology as well as experience in urgent neurological consultation and post-hospitalization follow-up care in the outpatient clinic.

Our Team

Our team consists of neurologists with expertise across the breadth of neurological disease and treatment.




The Division of Advanced Clinical Neurology serves as a research incubator for patient safety, care quality and health systems research in neurology.

Members of the division have embarked on research into care pathways, diagnostic approaches, resource utilization, mobile technologies and patient-reported outcomes.