Ataxia Specialists

Director of the Ataxia Center

Liana Rosenthal, MD PhD

  • Director, Ataxia Center
  • Associate Professor of Neurology


Therapists and Genetic Counselor

Leyna Schroeder, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Jennifer Millar, M.S., P.T.

Physical Therapist

headshot of Jennifer Millar

Weiyi Mu, S.C.M.

Genetics Counselor

Weiyi Mu headshot

Center Staff

Melissa Egerton, M.S.

Ataxia Health Educator

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Teshome Wubishet

Ataxia Clinic Coordinator

Teshome Wubishet headshot

Our Center

Hear from our ataxia specialists about our clinic and what patients can expect. The center pairs patients with a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, occupational therapists, genetic counselors and speech-language pathologists to ensure each aspect of ataxia care is addressed.