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Knee Pain Specialists

Our musculoskeletal knee pain specialists offer treatments for a wide range of knee conditions in several convenient locations. Our multi-specialty team includes experts in physical and occupational therapy, orthopaedics and pain management, serving adult and pediatric patients.

General Pain Specialists

In addition to a joint specialist, you may also be referred to a general pain specialist to help manage acute or chronic pain associated with your condition.

Our Therapists

Our therapists work alongside our providers to bring you comprehensive and compassionate care. Learn about our therapists at each of our convenient locations.

Our Advanced Practitioners

  • Ellyssa (Elly) Chinnaswamy, P.A.-C.

    portrait of Ellyssa Chinnaswamy
  • Dorothy Czajkowski, C.R.N.P.

    portrait of Dorothy Czajkowski
  • Melissa Fought, C.P.N.P., O.N.P.

    portrait of Melissa Fought
  • Beth Walsh, P.C.-A

    grey silhouette
  • Karen Wille, P.A.-C.

    portrait of Karen Wille
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