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We have locations in Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. Region

To better assist you, please see the checklist below for information required before scheduling an appointment.

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Information Needed When Making an Appointment

You will need some specific information regarding your medical history to complete the appointment process. Our specialists will request that you forward certain medical information in advance of your visit. This may include x-rays, cat-scan films/reports, and pathology slides/reports, surgical reports and a summary of your treatment to date.

When calling to make an appointment, please have the following information available:

  • Your personal contact information (phone numbers, address, etc.)
  • Diagnosis
  • Details of diagnosis (physical exam, biopsy, x-rays, etc.)
  • Specific information about any treatment you may have already received
  • Names and phone numbers of all physicians that have provided care related to your diagnosis including your primary care provider
  • Your insurance information, including any necessary HMO referrals

After Your Appointment is Made

Our appointment specialists will have reviewed with you what to expect during your first visit at the time of your initial phone call, but they also will send you an orientation packet prior to your appointment with information about the clinic you will be visiting, its location, directions to the medical campus, and parking details.

Oncology Urgent Care

If you undergoing treatment and experiencing symptoms such as pain, fever, nausea, or other complications of your cancer or cancer treatment, our urgent care staff are here to help you Monday thru Saturday.

If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911 immediately.

To request an appointment in oncology urgent care please call 410-955-8893 Monday-Friday 8-500 or 410-955-4331 after 5pm weekdays, weekends, or holidays.
Our Urgent Care nursing staff who answer the phone will guide you on next steps. That may include coming to the center to be evaluated. 

Remember the Oncology urgent care is not a drop in clinic you must have an appointment entered by your oncology provider.

Oncology Urgent Care is located on the second floor of the Kimmel Cancer Center's Weinberg Building at 401 North Broadway in Baltimore.


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