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Life After Stomach Cancer Treatment

middle aged man sitting and speaking with doctor

The Johns Hopkins Center for Stomach Cancer Care's medical and support staff recognizes that the patient’s experience and needs do not end with the final scheduled appointment.

In keeping with its multidisciplinary and patient-centered care approach to treatment and recovery, the entire team works hard to ensure that all patients are fully prepared, educated and ready for the changes to come when they leave their last scheduled treatment. Patients are taught about proper nutrition both during and after treatment.

The staff also knows this final transition can be daunting for many patients.

Both current and former patients can take comfort in knowing that the dedicated medical and support staff at the center will always be available if signs or symptoms of the cancer reemerge, if the patient has medical difficulties during the recovery process or if they have questions related to their recovery.

Stomach Cancer Nutritional Counseling Services

Learn what and how to eat during and after treatment.

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