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Skip Viragh Center for Pancreatic Cancer

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About Us

Skip Viragh Building

The Skip Viragh Center for Pancreas Cancer Clinical Research and Patient Care combines extensive research with clinical expertise, so we can build upon current programs and develop new knowledge in treating pancreas cancer. Our physician-scientists are internationally recognized for their contributions to understanding what causes pancreas cancer, how it develops, and how to treat the cancer in its early stages.

Co-directed by Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D., and Daniel Laheru, M.D., the goals of the Skip Viragh Center are to prevent pancreas cancer, treat it at all stages, and, ultimately cure pancreas cancer.

Patients are our Priority

  • A multidisciplinary clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and expert care
  • Complex treatment planning and patient services are provided by top specialists
  • Long-term care and follow up
  • Skilled nurse coordinators assist patients through all stages of treatment
  • Clinical trials offer future treatment possibilities 

Goals of Clinical Research at The Skip Viragh Center include:

The Skip Viragh Outpatient Cancer Building. The Skip Viragh Outpatient Cancer Building.
  • Develop new scientific initiatives with direct outcomes
  • Develop and test new platforms for delivery of vaccines for patients with all stages of pancreatic cancer
  • Understand how cancers trick the immune system into protecting the disease and how we can develop new therapies that dismantle this protection
  • Identify new proteins on pancreas cancer cells that can be selectively targeted with new therapies
  • Improve pain management
  • Optimize sequencing of surgery and chemo radiation
  • Identify the best conditions for using radiation therapy as well as combining it with other therapies
  • Develop biomarkers for early detection
  • Identify stem-like cells that may give rise to pancreas cancer cells
  • Screen high risk patients to identify pancreas cancer earlier when the cancer may be curable
  • Maintain and analyze a familial pancreas cancer database, the largest-known of its type
  • Analyze the pancreas cancer genome, sequenced by Johns Hopkins scientists
  • Develop methods to predict response to chemotherapy

Surgical Volumes

Surgical volumes are the number of times a hospital has done a specific surgical procedure in a defined time period. Hospitals that do more of a specific surgical procedure tend to have better outcomes for their patients than hospitals that do less of them. To view the average number of times that pancreas surgery is performed each year at The Johns Hopkins Health System Hospitals, please click here.​