Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach

The Skip Viragh Center for Pancreas Cancer Clinical Research and Patient Care is the model for multispecialty care, as one of the first to bring all the experts together to offer newly diagnosed patients a comprehensive consultation involving all the specialists contributing to the treatment and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Patients and experts partner to come up with the best treatment approach. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly incorporate all elements of pancreatic cancer care, from detection through therapy.

In a single day’s visit patients with all types of pancreatic cancer—from the earliest stages to the most advanced Stage IV cancers—receive a comprehensive evaluation, involving all the resources available for the education, diagnosis, treatment and research of pancreatic cancer. Whether are patients traveling from around the corner,  across the country or around the world, our team  ensures the best and most advanced care,  but also the most efficient care.

"It is like coordinating a first, second, and third opinion all in one visit."

For some, treatments are based on molecular markers from the onset. Other patients may receive standard of care, and if the treatment stops working or the cancer comes back, we can use molecular testing, imaging and all available tools to devise a new approach. In some cases, we’re making inoperable cancers operable.

Personalized Therapies Include