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Patient Stories

The following patient experiences represent a snapshot of  the comprehensive care provided at Johns Hopkins. Each story presents a picture of the remarkable challenges and triumphs these individuals and their families faced. Statistics for pancreas cancer still show that most people do not survive panceas cancer and this is why our physicians, nurses and laboratory scientists are working around the clock to find news to conquer this disease.

Pancreatic Cancer: Joseph ‘Cook’ Edens – Patients Story

Joseph ‘Cook’ Edens, III, doesn’t let pancreatic cancer get in the way of living a full life. Edens was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent a Whipple procedure at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Unfortunately, a bout of pancreatitis returned and in 2015, Dr. Christopher Wolfgang and his team performed a total pancreatectomy on Edens, removing his entire pancreas and spleen. The Arlington, Va., resident is now cancer free and is back to a busy lifestyle of work, sports and family time.

Gene Ogle - Immunotherapy at Work

When Gene Ogle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his thoughts turned to his father who died of the disease. He enrolled in a clinical trial of an experimental vaccine developed by Johns Hopkins scientists and is doing well six years later. Read his story.

Wonda White - Whipple Procedure

When a tumor was found on Wonda's pancreas, a team of doctors at Hopkins performed the Whipple procedure to save her life. Read her story.

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