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Esophageal Cancer: Second Opinion

At The Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that confidence in your esophageal cancer diagnosis is important for your peace of mind. Whether you want the extra reassurance of your treatment plan at your local cancer center or are seeking treatment with us, our expert esophageal cancer specialists provide thorough second opinions so you can move forward with more certainty.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins for a Second Opinion?

At Johns Hopkins, our doctors have unparalleled expertise in correctly analyzing diagnostic results and identifying concerns that might have been overlooked. We use the most advanced procedures and technology.

For esophageal cancer second opinion consultations, we offer:

  • More precise test results: We have some of the nation’s top specialists in endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS), confocal microscopy and other diagnosis techniques that produce precise images which can often reveal errors in biopsy results.
  • Unequaled experience: We see people in all stages of esophageal cancer each year as one of the largest esophageal cancer programs nationwide. This experience allows us to recognize signs in test results that might otherwise be missed. Meet our team of esophageal cancer specialists.
  • A thorough, careful review of your diagnosis: While many cancer treatment centers claim a multidisciplinary approach, ours is one of the few that actually puts all of your doctors and specialists in the same room, looking at the same test results, and recommending the best treatment path going forward. Learn more about our approach to esophageal cancer diagnosis.


We offer quick, thorough second opinions from our expert oncologists. Call us today and talk to our esophageal cancer care coordinator who can provide you with more information about our second opinion consultations and esophageal cancer treatment. You can also find out about our esophageal research and clinical trials during that call.

To request a second opinion consultation or speak with our esophageal cancer care coordinator, call 410-933-5420.

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