Proton Therapy Research

The Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center, in Washington, D.C., has a room outfitted with a research-specific proton beam that will help answer many questions and continue the tradition of groundbreaking medical research at Johns Hopkins.

Some of the questions we want to answer include:

  • How much more effective is proton therapy compared with photon radiation therapy?
  • What kinds of cancers benefit most from proton therapy?
  • Can we combine proton therapy with chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy to provide more positive outcomes for our patients?
  • What kinds of technologies can improve proton therapy?

Specialized research institutes at Johns Hopkins also support our center.

  • The Translational Convergence Institute’s diverse set of minds — from doctors and nurses to mathematicians and bioethicists — will be working side by side to apply their knowledge to cancer.
  • The Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will help integrate proton therapy with immunotherapy, revolutionary new treatments that activate the immune system to attack cancers.
  • The Drug Discovery and Development program will advance combined treatments with new targeted therapies.
  • The Cancer Invasion and Metastasis Program, the first of its kind, will study proton therapy, among other treatments, to transform the management of advanced cancers.