Understanding Your Bills

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Most of the time, insurance will cover this cost. You may be required to obtain a referral from your primary care physician to come to Johns Hopkins. You may need to have blood work and x-rays done outside of Johns Hopkins depending on your insurance. You should always check with your insurance company in advance about coverage requirements and obtaining permission for care.

If I receive a bill that shows a balance, does this mean my insurance company is not going to pay it?

Usually a "balance due" amount on a bill is the amount you need to pay after the insurance company has reviewed the claim. Sometimes the balance amount on a claim only means that your insurance company has received the bill and is reviewing it before they determine how much of the bill you need to pay. If you have questions about what this balance means, please contact one of the financial counselors listed at the end of this handout.

What happens if I can't pay my bills? Will my treatment be stopped?

Your treatment will not be stopped if you are unable to pay the balance you owe. You should contact one of the financial counselors at the bottom of this brochure to discuss payment options for the amount you owe after insurance payment.

What does it mean when my insurance company denies payment on my claim?

Insurance companies should provide a detailed summary (referred to as an explanation of benefits or EOB) about why a claim was paid or denied. Often, an insurance company rejects a claim because it contains incorrect information or an authorization/referral form is needed. These denied claims can be resent once the correct information is provided. If services are not covered by your insurance company, they should provide you with a written explanation of your appeal rights.

Can I get financial assistance to help pay my medical bills?

Patients may qualify for assistance from Johns Hopkins or be eligible for the State of Maryland Medical Assistance or other state programs. Some pharmaceutical companies may also provide help with drug expenses. Again, our financial counselors can help you learn what help is available or set up payment plans.

Will my insurance company pay for services if I am in a Clinical trial?

Ask your physician or study nurse about what charges may be covered by the clinical trial. This should be outlined in the consent form you are required to sign. Johns Hopkins staff will check in advance what services your insurance company may cover while you are in a clinical trial.

How do I contact a Financial Counselor?

Medical Oncology

Telephone: 410-502-1304 or 410-955-8995
Fax: 443-287-3666

Radiation Oncology

Telephone: 410-614-1358 or 410-502-1643
Fax: 410-502-1637

Note: If you are receiving care at our Green Spring Station location (either Medical Oncology or Radiation Oncology), all of your services will appear on a physician's bill that comes from Johns Hopkins University.