Spiritual Support

Patients and family members often wrestle with questions of meaning, hope, despair, faith and doubt.  These spiritual issues cross all religious and spiritual traditions and connect us in our shared experiences. 

"Keeping them in Her Prayers," Rhonda Cooper, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Chaplain talks about her special role as chaplain at the Cancer Center. 

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The Spiritual and Pastoral Care department at Johns Hopkins offers sensitive, spiritual support for patients, family members and hospital staff from a wide variety of religious denominations.

Spiritual support includes:

  • Respect for your religious tradition and spiritual practices: your observance of the rituals and sacraments of your faith will be respected, and your religious needs will be accommodated as fully as possible.  For example, Communion and Anointing of the Sick can be provided during your hospital stay.

  • Comfort in times of spiritual distress and anxiety: Chaplains will provide emotional and spiritual support while you are in the hospital.  Listening to your concerns is at the heart of the Chaplain’s practice.

  • Partnership in prayer: People often turn to a higher power for comfort and support during treatment.  When you are ill, you may want to pray with a Chaplain.

  • Support for your family and friends: Chaplains are available to support those to support you during your illness.  They will also participate in physician-family conferences upon request.

  • Conversation about end-of-life decisions: Chaplains can assist you in completing advance directives, including a selection of a health care agent, treatment preferences (living will), and decisions about organ donation.

Spiritual Care Channels

Television channels 56 and 57 are free in all inpatient rooms, with programming that provides spiritual support, including music and visuals for meditation and prayer. Channel 50 is the Eternal Word from the Global Catholic Network.

Quiet Spaces

The Bunting Interfaith Chapel is located in the main level/arcade of the Zayed Tower at Johns Hopkins.  A Meditation Room is located in the Weinberg Building lobby.  Both are always open for prayer and reflection. Weekly worship services are held throughout the hospital.

Contact a Chaplain

Chaplains are spiritual care providers who provide help in finding meaning, hope and support at the point of their need.

Johns Hopkins patients, family members and staff can request help from a chaplain by calling 410-955-5842.  Nurses can assist in calling a chaplain during evenings and weekends.