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Get to know our current Johns Hopkins Hematology/Medical Oncology Fellows.

What Our Fellows Say

Jana Christian

"I love being a part of the Hopkins #HemeDreamTeam. I've worked with brilliant faculty and collaborative co-fellows and been exposed to excellent clinical, educational, and research opportunities in classical hematology. Fellowship has been better than I could have ever imagined."  


Mari Nakazawa

“I am thrilled to be able to train at Hopkins and am confident that I am getting the best foundation possible in clinical oncology and cancer research. What has been most amazing is the quality of mentorship and being able to work alongside clinicians and researchers who are changing the standard of care for our patients.”  


Saumya Maru

“One of my favorite aspects of our fellowship has been the meaningful relationships I've created with folks from all across the cancer center; in fact, several of us fellows participate in a summer volleyball league with attendings and APPs! I've also found incredible mentorship here that has given me the opportunity and resources to create laboratory-based projects that align with my future research goals. I feel fortunate to be in this environment at this pivotal stage of my training to become an independent physician-scientist.”


Nadeem Tabbara

“The most important program features I was looking for were strong clinical training, great people to work alongside, and research opportunities and mentorship to develop my career interests. Johns Hopkins has delivered in all aspects and I am so excited to be a part of this team.” 


Dena Rhinehart

“My experience at Hopkins has been incredible so far. I have the absolute best co-fellows and the faculty are so approachable. The whole program has gone above and beyond to develop a unique pathway for me to achieve my research and career goals moving forward.” 


Henry Wang

"I feel privileged to train at Hopkins. Fellowship can be tough - you have limited time to master an entirely new field of medicine - but this program provides me the perfect combination of support, rigor, and community to allow me to grow as a doctor and as a person." 


Laura Linville

“I continue to be inspired by the ingenuity, compassion, and humility of my co-fellows and mentors. From the support staff to attending providers, I am deeply impressed with the entire team's dedication to patients either through research or direct patient care. The uniquely designed 2nd and 3rd year curriculum allows each of us fellows to explore and develop our individual interests and career goals within a supportive environment” 


Michelle Ferreira

“This is a phenomenal place to train. The faculty are not only very supportive but also incredibly invested in both our training and professional growth. My co-fellows have been a highlight of the program; taking care of patients and their families at some of the most vulnerable points in their lives is challenging anywhere, but I can’t think of a better group of people to navigate these experiences with” 



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