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Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

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Quality and Safety

At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, quality and safety are our most important priorities. We are focused on protecting children from any hospital-acquired harm and improving every child’s medical care experience. Providing safe, high-quality health care requires consciously built, smart health care systems. We accomplish this by using state-of-the-art information technology and human factors engineering, which considers human capabilities and limitations in the design of products, processes, systems and work environments. Identifying a new therapy is a fraction of the work needed to ensure that the right patients receive that therapy at the right time, at the right dose and for the right reasons — throughout every encounter.

Our publicly reported pediatric quality and safety data can be found online.

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Featured Stories

physician in white coat

Hand Hygiene: Let's Talk About it!

The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center recognizes the simple power of clean hands to prevent the spread of infection. Aiming to achieve ever better compliance with existing hand hygiene requirements, administration and staff have instituted a new Pediatric Hand Hygiene Initiative.

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