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Easing Back-to-School Anxiety

The transition back to class as summer ends can be a stressful time for children and parents alike. Some anxiety is a normal response, but parents should know the difference between normal back-to-school jitters and anxiety that warrants clinical attention.

children going back to school

Protect Your Child's Health in School

Children get sick more often than adults because their immune systems are not as developed. At schools and daycare centers, they are in close contact with one another, increasing the odds of sharing germs and infections.

children giving heads up

From Johns Hopkins to Navajo Nation

Facing residents and faculty filling Johns Hopkins Chevy Chase auditorium last fall, pediatric resident Amena Weston Smith discussed the health care needs of Native American children in this country.

doctors at the harriet lane clinic

Developmental Origins of Disease in the Womb

Sara Johnson wonders what kinds of experiences in utero might affect behavior, learning and the response to stress in an individual after birth.

dr sara johnson