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Kids Helping Hopkins

Kids Helping Hopkins

Founded in 1994, the Kids Helping Hopkins program provides students of all ages the opportunity to learn the importance of helping others without personal gain while nurturing life-long values: compassion, respect, citizenship, leadership and philanthropy. Each year, the students, teachers and staff who participate in the program are encouraged to host their own fundraising events, held in the classroom or out in the community — from dances and food drives to talent shows, games and contests — all benefiting Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Unrestricted funds raised for the Children’s Center help pay for the needs of children and their families and support our numerous special services.

Learn more about the ways that you and your classmates, friends, and community members can help the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center deliver the care to children around the world.

How to Get Involved

It’s simple! Below are a few of the most popular fundraising ideas from previous years, but feel free to create your own unique fundraiser to benefit Johns Hopkins Children's Center. You can also contact Bethany Chance to see what resources might be available for the project you select. Download these ideas for easier printing.

Host a Fundraising Event

  • Hold a hop centered on a theme like the oldies, country music or a luau, for example. Attendees donate to participate. Refreshments and snacks can be sold.

  • Students donate a minimum of $1 for the privilege of attending school out of uniform on a particular day. This same idea can apply to other special days like crazy hair day, pajama day, hat day, sunglasses day, crazy outfit day, and so on. 

  • Using canisters, vote via coins for teachers to receive a pie in the face. The top three teachers are chosen. This idea can also be used for having teachers kiss a frog, hold a snake, and so on.

  • For every $.50 donation, present a chocolate kiss and a paper heart. All the hearts are displayed in a common space at the school. This idea can be used with different candy and other shaped pieces of paper that would then be displayed.

  • Paper links can be sold for a set price, then assembled into a chain and displayed. A twist to this idea is to create a tessellation using two different colored triangles.

  • A talent show is a great way for students and teachers to share their talents with an audience. Donations can be collected from attendees and additional funds could be raised by selling refreshments. An additional way to raise funds for the Talent Show would be to vote a few weeks before the event for specific teachers to display their talents. This can be accomplished by using a canister for each teacher that would like to participate and the students, staff and faculty can vote with their spare change. The top three teachers that have the most funds are the ones to perform.

  • Decide what type of “thon” event you would like to hold to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Popular types of “thon” events include math, reading, spelling and running. The idea is to obtain donations from your family and friends for each time a unit of measure is accomplished during a specific time period. For example: 

    • Math: $.50 per problem solved correctly
    • Reading: $1.00 per book read
    • Spelling: $.50 per word spelled correctly

    A letter from the principal explaining the "thon" event accompanies the student home. At the same time, distribute pledge forms and encourage students to begin immediately to collect their pledges from friends, relatives and neighbors. Students submit their completed packet for correction and then the students take the verification to their sponsors and collect the agreed amount for each problem solved correctly. A sample of a sponsor sheet and letter can be obtained from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center development office by emailing Bethany Chance.

Fundraise Online

Fundraise online as a part of the Kids Helping Hopkins program by creating your own personal fundraising page and start fundraising for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center today.

Making a Donation

Checks should be made out to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and mailed to:

Kids Helping Hopkins
Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Office of Development
750 E. Pratt Street, Suite 1700
Baltimore, MD 21202

Donations of toys and art supplies for Johns Hopkins Children's Center patients are always welcome, but please first contact our Department of Child Life. Child life specialists know what our patients would enjoy, as well what they may have in the hospital. With child life’s approval, you may send (new) toys and (new) collections of supplies to:

Department of Child Life 
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center 
Room 7217
1800 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21287 

For more information or if you, your classroom or school would like to participate in the Kids Helping Hopkins Program, please contact Bethany Chance.

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