Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will my child get to Johns Hopkins and the Bloomberg Children’s Center?
    Depending on numerous contributing factors, your child will either be transported by ambulance or helicopter. A few deciding factors include stability of your child and weather.
  2. Where will my child go once we arrive at Johns Hopkins Children’s?
    All non-ICU transfer patients will be brought into the Pediatric Emergency Department and then your child will be assessed for bed placement. However, patients’ conditions often change and sometimes where they are admitted changes to best meet the needs of your child.
  3. Will I be able to ride along with my child during transport?
    If being transferred by ground, one parent or guardian can accompany your child while riding in the front seat of the ambulance. If being transported by air, we try our best; however, unfortunately, depending on weight and team configuration, this is not always possible.
  4. Will my child always be admitted?
    Depending on the severity of your child’s condition, he or she may or may not be admitted to the hospital following their work-up in the emergency department. Knowing this is a possibility please be sure you have means of transportation available. The transport team will not be able to take you back home after your child is evaluated.