General Pediatric Surgery Fellowships

The Pediatric Surgery Training Program offers intensive and broad exposure to the practice of pediatric surgery over a two-year period. Candidates for the program are selected through the Pediatric Surgery Resident Matching Program.

To apply for residency at the Division of Pediatric Surgery please visit the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) website.

ACGME Accredited Fellowship

Our division is committed to training one fellow in pediatric surgery annually. The program has been cooperatively provided by the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and the University of Maryland for over 30 years. Both divisions of Pediatric Surgery perform more than 4200 operations annually and have a staff of 14 pediatric surgeons.

General Description

Under the direction of Johns Hopkins pediatric surgeon Samuel M. Alaish, M.D., the post-doctoral training program in Pediatric Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Hospital is unique in concept because it utilizes the clinical population of two large university services for a broad clinical experience in pediatric surgery over the prescribed two years. Completion of the basic two-year program will qualify the trainee to take the examination for a “Certificate of Special Competence in Pediatric Surgery” which is given by the American Board of Surgery.

Candidates for the two-year program are selected through the Pediatric Surgery Resident Matching Program established by the American Pediatric Surgery Association. Selection is made approximately fourteen months prior to beginning the two-year program. Prerequisites for post-doctoral training in pediatric surgery include:

  1. Anticipated successful completion of an accredited general surgery residency, which qualifies the candidate for certification in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery.
  2. A completed ERAS application.
  3. Four letters of recommendation.
  4. Personal interviews with the staff at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland.
  5. Participation in the Matching Program in Pediatric Surgery.

More About the Program