Hopkins Children's Magazine

Past Hopkins Children's Magazine Issues

  • Spring 2023: Calming the Crisis

    Learn how experts are confronting the crisis of increased mental health challenges in children and teens.

    illustration of a child sitting on an open palm of a hand holding balloons
  • Fall 2022: Living Testament

    Read about Sara Kathryn Smith, the Children's Center's new medical director of pediatric liver transplantation, who has a hard-won perspective on what it means to live with advanced liver disease.

    Kathryn Smith card image
  • Spring 2022: The Serious Side of Play

    In the first online edition of Hopkins Children's, read about how child life specialists use toys and games to help prevent potential trauma from medical interventions.

    a bunch of toys
  • Fall 2021: The Second Surge

    How did critical care specialist Meghan Bernier and other staff manage the pandemic, themselves and each other, the second time around?

    Drs. Anna Sick-Samuels and Aaron Milstone
  • Spring 2020: Sofia's Story

    An unprecedented breakthrough for children with spinal muscular atrophy?

    sofia with her parents
  • Spring 2019: Taurian's Story

    He saved his siblings from a fire — then the pediatric burn team rescued his dream of playing professional football.

    Taurian with his family
  • Spring 2018: LJ's Journey

    A Children's Center nurse searches for clues to her son’s puzzling symptoms.

    LJ and his mom
  • Summer 2017: Beyond the North Star

    With a visionary eye, Johns Hopkins Children's Center co-director and pediatrician-in-chief Tina Cheng leads pioneering, evidence-based approaches to pre-empt and prevent illness and injury in children.

    Dr. Tina Cheng
  • Summer 2016: The Dover Decades

    George Dover’s colleagues reflect on the director of pediatrics’ remarkable 44-year career at Johns Hopkins as a scientist, iconoclastic leader, child advocate and teacher.

    Dr. George Dover
  • Spring 2015: The Surgeon Scientist

    In this issue, we look at the science in the OR, saving the newborn brain and residents in the Navajo Nation.

    Dr. Hackam and his research team
  • Summer 2014: Conquering Cloacal Exstrophy

    Conquering cloacal exstrophy, nursing beyond the borders and All Children’s Hospital’s growing research enterprise in this issue.

    Dr. Gearhart at a desk