Pediatric Family Advisory Council

Pediatric Family Advisory Council (PFAC) members are essential partners in the hospital’s mission to provide excellent patient- and family-centered care by providing input and perspective into improving the patient and family experience at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

The PFAC is an interdisciplinary committee made up of both families and staff. Currently we have over 50 members. Our parent advisors offer the parent perspective based on the lived experience from inpatient, outpatient and specialty services. Our staff advisors include a diverse representation from both leadership and front-line staff.

PFAC Membership

Parents or legal guardians whose child has experienced care at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and any hospital staff members are welcome to apply for membership. The application process includes submitting an application, participating in an interview and completing the volunteer recruitment process. The PFAC seeks a membership that is diverse with respect to culture, race, religion, age, sexual preference and socioeconomic and educational background. 

Qualities of a PFAC Member

  • Be an advocate for change and actively participate and listen to others
  • Be able to share insights and experiences in productive ways. Be collaborative on solutions and have a passion for improving the health care experience for all. Be able to speak comfortably in a group with candor while being respectful of diversity and differing opinions.
  • Have a child who was treated at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
  • Be able to attend monthly evening meetings (third Wednesday of the month from 6 to 8 p.m.)

If you would like more information on the PFAC at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, please contact Tricia Willis, R.N.

“We invite patients, families, health care practitioners and hospital leaders to collaborate in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs ranging from health care facility design to professional education, as well as the delivery of care.”


Join the PFAC

Interested in joining the PFAC? Please submit an application.