Training and Education

In today’s rapidly evolving health care environment, it is vital to stay informed and educated with the latest information, processes and practices. Johns Hopkins Medicine International is committed to providing training and education programs to the global health care community, so that hospitals and clinicians around the world can perform at their best.

We provide training and education programs for health care executives, physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, allied health professionals and more. Our programs are geared toward those who wish to impart positive change within their health care organization.

Featured Health Care Solutions

  • Health Executive Education

    Advance health care leadership skills to develop creative solutions to the field’s most complex issues.
    • Enhance evidence-based leadership techniques.
    • Strategically drive positive organizational change.
    • Better leverage skills to more effectively lead.

    Health Executive Education
  • Nursing Leadership

    Develop leadership and management techniques to improve nursing services.
    • Expand clinical skills.
    • Build interprofessional competencies.
    • Apply systems-based practices.

    Nursing Leadership
  • Simulation Center

    Rehearse or refine clinical care through simulation — before real-world application — to improve patient safety and quality.
    • Practice clinical skills.
    • Advance technique.
    • Learn valuable social interactive methods.

    Simulation Center

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