Stroke Research

Our center doesn't just launch stroke programs — we study them too, applying our deep experience to each project. 

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Research Presentations

Setting up a Primary Stroke Center in Bogota, Colombia: An International Collaborative Experience

We outline our work with Colombia's first program to achieve Joint Commission International (JCI) certification, covering barriers, improvements and applications for other centers to follow.

Read more about the primary stroke center in Bogota. (PDF)

Implementation of Stroke Centers in Latin America: Demographics, Performance, and Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke

We track stroke treatment trends across different health systems in Panama, Colombia, and the United States: patient demographics, time to treatment initiation, types of intervention and patient discharge destinations.

Read more about stroke centers in Latin America. (PDF)

Organization and implementation of a stroke center in Panamá

Read about our center's work in Panamá from the World Stroke Organization.



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