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The Institutional Review Boards have collected these links as a helpful resource for investigators and participants.  The content on these sites may not be approved by The Johns Hopkins Hospital or School of Medicine.

For Investigators:


Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives

JHM Offices

Office of Policy Coordination (OPC)

Office of Research Administration (ORA)

Institute for Clinical Translational Research (ICTR) (formerly GCRC) Please Note: The Institute for Clinical Translational Research (ICTR) has several Clinical Research Units (CRUs). They are the East Baltimore Clinical Research Units (EBCRUs) and Bayview Clinical Research Units(BCRUs) and were formerly known as the General Clinical Research Units.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP)

Johns Hopkins Health, Safety, & Environment Department

Priority Partners (JHHC Data Sharing)

Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health


Johns Hopkins Hospital Policies

Faculty and Research Policies

For Participants:  An introduction to clinical trials. In addition, you may search for registered clinical trials. provides information about the trial's purpose, participation, location, and contact information. Information for children from the FDA website.  A resource on child assent.  A listing of questions a potential research participant may want to ask prior to joining a study. patientINFORM is a free online service that provides patients and their caregivers access to some of the most up-to-date, reliable and important research available about the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases. Provides basic information to potential Research Subjects to assist them in making decisions about whether to participate in research studies.

For the Research Community:

As a leader in discovery and innovation, the Department of Nursing’s Nursing Research Committee (NRC) inspires, engages, and supports nurses to conduct and disseminate nursing research. Through the generation and translation of knowledge, the committee guides nurses to transform patient care, advance practice and improve outcomes.

The purpose of the NRC is to:

  • Provide guidance through knowledge and skill recognition
  • Offer consultation and Mentorship
  • Promote research conducted by and in collaboration with Johns Hopkins nurses in order to build and sustain the Johns Hopkins Nursing Research Program. For more information on the Department of Nursing