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111.2 Organization Policy on Payment or Remuneration to Human Subjects

August 2010

The Organization allows payment or remuneration to individuals who participate in human subjects research.  The JHM IRB is authorized to review the amount and schedule of any proposed payment and to determine that it is fair and not an undue inducement to participate.  Remuneration for participation in research should be reasonable and the amount paid should be comparable to other research projects involving similar time, effort, and inconvenience.  For studies in which financial remuneration is a major reason for participation, and which represent minimum risk to the participants, the JHM IRB may approve remuneration that is sufficient to engage participants.  Any credit for payment should accrue as the study progresses and not be contingent upon the subject completing the entire study.  Unless it creates undue inconvenience or a coercive practice, payment to subjects who withdraw from the study may be made at the time they would have completed the study (or completed a phase of the study) had they not withdrawn. The IRB may approve research that includes a proposed bonus for completion and determine that such payment would not unduly induce participants to stay in the study when they otherwise would have withdrawn.  All information concerning payment, including the amount and schedule of payment(s), should be set forth in the informed consent document.  Compensation offered by a sponsor for participation in a trial may not include a coupon good for a discount on the purchase price of the product under investigation once it has been approved for marketing.

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