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109.4 Organization Policy on Allegations of Undue Influence over the JHM IRB

September 2020

It is the Organization’s policy that IRB review processes, and the implementation of OHSR policies and procedures, are to be conducted objectively and without undue influence over deliberations or processes. IRB members, OHSR staff, investigators, or research participants who believe that an attempt has been made to unduly influence the IRBs, review processes, or application of policies and procedures may contact the Institutional Official (IO) or OHSR staff to report a concern. Concerns may also be filed through the University’s Compliance Hotline and will be routed to the Institutional Official for review, as appropriate.

The IO, or Associate Dean for Human Research Protections, Program or other delegated senior staff members will review reports. Outcome of the review will be documented, the complainant provided with a response, and a corrective action plan instituted if deemed necessary.

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