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The Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network

April 2013

Johns Hopkins formed a Clinical Research Network (JHCRN) in 2009.  Through the JHCRN, Johns Hopkins will strengthen the research infrastructure of community hospital affiliates, and in the process, extend to a growing number of patients the opportunity to participate in Johns Hopkins studies conducted in their own communities by their own physicians.

The inaugural affiliate in 2009 was the Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute (AAHSRI) .   The Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) joined the JHCRN in November 2009.  Inova Health System (IHS) became a member of the JHCRN in April 2011 followed by Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in May 2011.  The Reading Health System (RHS) in Reading, PA is the newest member of the JHCRN having joined in December, 2012.  Participation in the network allows JHM IRB reviewed and approved research to be conducted at AAHSRI, GBMC, IHS, PRMC, and/or RHS .  AAHSRI, GBMC, IHS, PRMC, and RHS have retained their local IRB systems or local review committees to review protocols initiated and conducted solely at their facilities, and under terms of the JHCRN they have agreed to accept the JHM IRB reviews for designated protocols.

There are four dedicated JHCRN Network Coordinators available to facilitate the review and approval process for JHM research to be conducted at each JHCRN member site. The coordinators receive a notice from the eIRB system when any of the JHCRN members are marked as possible study sites. Consent documents for JHM IRB approved research must contain local contact information for each JHCRN member site and the JHM Model Informed Consent Template contains the information to include for each hospital system.

JHCRN Coordinators:

  • Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute is Melissa Gerstenhaber, MAS, MSN, RN, CCRN, who may be reached at 443-890-3503 .
  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center is Cynthia MacInnis, BS, CCRP, who may be reached at 443-226-1788 .
  • Inova Health System is Sandra Schaefer, BSN, RN, OCN who may be reached at 410-209-7385
  • Peninsula Regional Medical Center is Lynne Armiger, MSN, CRNP, ANP-C who may be reached at 443-827-1444
  • Reading Health System - Elizabeth Hollinger -

NOTE:  If you are considering expanding your JHM IRB approved research to a JHCRN affiliate site, please consider contacting one of the Network Coordinators or the Director of the JHCRN, Adrian Dobs, MD to discuss the protocol before submitting the request for IRB approval.  They will be able to facilitate the post-JHM IRB approval steps required to have the research reviewed for collaboration with the JHCRN.

Questions about the terms of the JHCRN agreement should be referred to the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation, Dr. Daniel Ford.