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** List of Guidelines and Policies updated during the 2016 AAHRPP reaccreditation process **
Ancillary CommitteesIncidental Findings
 INDs for Products Not Marketed as Drugs
Access to Study Records - ParticipantsIND Safety Reports
Approval NoticesInformed Consent

Informed Consent - Adults Who Were Children When Enrolled in a Study

BInformed Consent - FDA Regulated Studies
Baltimore City Health Department

Informed Consent - How to Prepare a Readable Consent Form

Biological Materials

Informed Consent - Minors


International Research

Cancer ResearchInvestigational Medical Devices
Case Report Publication

Investigator Brochure

Certificates of Confidentiality

Investigator Inquiry to the FDA about IND

Changes in Research

Investigator Responsibilities

Central IRBs

Investigators as Study Participants

Clinical Engineering Services

Investigational Medical Devices

Clinical Genetics Research 
Clinical Research Network (CRN)


Clinical Trials - Registration

Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (CRN)

Closed to Accrual

 JHHC Data Sharing Committee

Concerns or Complaints About Research

 JHH Nursing Research Approval

Consent - Expired 
Consent - HIV Testing


Consent - MinorsKennedy Krieger Inst. Research
Consent - Federal Reqs. to Obtain Permission from Both ParentsKennedy Krieger Inst. Nursing Research
Consent - Obtaining the Permission of Both Parents: Steps to Follow


Consent - MRI Language


Consent - Non-english speakers


Consent Waiver/Alteration

Maryland Law

Continuing Review

Monitoring Visits

Convened Review

 MRI Language for CFs

Coordinating Center Functions


Research with a Community Focus



NIH Human Genomic Data Sharing Policy FAQs


Non-Compliance with IRB Approved Human Subjects Research


Nursing Research Approval - JHH



Dept. Communications to Patients about Ongoing Research

Oncology Research

Department of Defense (DoD) Requirements for the Conduct of Human Subjects Research 
Departmental Pre-ReviewP

Participants' Access to Study Records


Pathology Tissue/Specimen Use Committee

Drug Research

Pharmacy Bayview


Pharmacy JHH

Engineering ServicesPhysician Consent Fact Sheet
Exempt ResearchPost-Doctoral Fellows in Human Research
Expedited ReviewProtocol Deviations
Expired Protocols and Consent Forms



QA/QI flowchart

FDA Test Articles 
FDA vs OHRP RegulationsR
Federal Requirements to Obtain Permission from Both Parents

Record Retention

Obtaining the Permission of Both Parents: Steps to Follow

Reasonable Payment (Remuneration)

Foster ChildrenRecruiting Study Subjects
 Recruitment and Referral - Patient
GRecruitment - Departmental Communications to Patients about Ongoing Research
Gadolinium for Research MRI ProceduresRecruitment of Students and Employees
Application of GCP to the Conduct of Clinical Research

Registration of Clinical Trials

Gene Transfer

Reporting Death of a Participant

 Reliance Agreements 
Genetics ResearchReporting Obligations Under Maryland State Law

GenomeWide Association Studies (GWAS)

Reporting to Institution and Government Agencies

Genomic Data Sharing Policy FAQs

Research with a Community Focus
 Research Protocol Management System
HIPAA GuidancesReview Agreements
 Review Fees
Humanitarian Use Device (HUD)S


School of Nursing Pre-Review
 School of Public Health Reciprocity Agreement - Criteria for Requests for Review


Sibley Memorial Hospital
 Sponsor IND Safety Reports
 State of Maryland Law and Consent for HIV Testing
 Suburban Hospital




Unanticipated Events Flowchart


 Verification of Confidential Nature (VCN) Form
 W X Y Z