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Fees for JHM IRB Review

July 2018

Commercially Funded Studies: Effective August 1, 2018, there will be change in the JHM IRB review fees for any commercially funded study with financial support in excess of $10,000. This affects studies submitted on or after the August 1, 2018 date. To help cover the costs of IRB review for study closures and the compliance monitoring activities for select commercially-funded studies, the IRB review fees will be modified as of August 1, 2018 to introduce fees related to these activities. The JHM IRB review fees will be charged against the study internal order number or to the designated departmental/divisional internal order at the time of IRB approval.  See the memo from Daniel Ford, M.D., M.P.H. regarding the increase this change.

The changes in IRB review fees include the following:

  1. Inclusion of IRB review fees for study closures for commercially-funded studies
  2. Inclusion of fees for select studies that require monitoring by the Office of Human Subjects Research Compliance Monitoring Program.

The JHM IRB review fees for commercially funded human subjects research studies: 

Type of ReviewInitial ReviewContinuing ReviewChanges in Research [with consent form changes]Changes in Research [without consent form changes]Study Closure
Local Context Review Fee [When Relying on an External IRB] $1800N/AN/AN/AN/A

Monitoring Fees for Select Commercially-Funded Studies:

Investigation TypeYear 1Years 2 and Beyond
Commercially funded studies where the JH PI holds the IND/IDE*$375$675/yr
Commercially funded studies that require HRRC review*$375$675/yr
Commercially funded studies where JH relies on an external IRB$225$375/yr
Commercially funded studies that qualify as expedited but involve drugs/devices$225$375/yr

To ensure each department is treated fairly and to increase overall efficiency, we continue to require each department to specify a non-sponsored account for billing IRB review fees.  All IRB review fees for principal investigators in that department will be billed against that account until it is determined that a study specific Internal Order number has been assigned to the reviewed study.

If you need to speak to someone at the JHM OHSR/IRB regarding these changes use the contact information listed below.

Contact Person(s):
Aaron Coleman - phone: (443) 287-8329
FAX: (410) 955-4367 (This is the same fax number used by the JHM IRBs so specify if documents need to be directed to Aaron Coleman