107.3 Organization Policy for Training and Evaluation of IRB Members and Chairs

September 2020

The Organization requires completion of the human subject research protection training. The training will include completion of the online compliance training modules: Human Subjects Research for IRB Members, Conflict of Interest and Commitment, and Health Privacy Issues for Researchers. All IRB members must complete re-certification within 3 years of their initial HSR compliance date, and then complete re-certification every 3 years. In addition, each new primary member, alternate member, or Chair must complete the JHM IRB Orientation program, which will be conducted by the IRB Training Specialist. The compliance training modules and orientation program must be completed prior to attending a JHM IRB meeting as a voting member. JHM IRB members and alternate members will be trained in convened and expedited review procedures and regulatory criteria and may not serve as a reviewer until the JHM IRB Chair for their committee determines that they have adequate experience and may be added to the designated reviewer list. JHM IRB members will be provided with training materials and resources to assist with their reviews. JHM IRB Chairs and members will be provided with an opportunity to participate in local or national conferences which focus on human subject protection issues.

The Organization will conduct periodically a self-assessment of IRB chairs and members. This evaluation will use a form developed by the IO. The completed forms will be submitted to the Vice Dean for review, and will be considered as part of the IRB committee membership and leadership appointment process. Annual evaluation results will also be discussed with IRB Chairs and members as part of the evaluation process.

Continuing education of IRB members shall be conducted periodically and may occur at the time of the scheduled convened IRB meetings or by invitation to participate in training opportunities offered by the HRPP. The continuing education will include updates on regulatory and review process topics. The IO will convene a retreat annually for IRB members and senior staff as part of the continuing education.