Johns Hopkins Medicine Human Research Protection Program Overview

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Human Research Protection Program supports research across the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins Health System. Information about the organizations supported by the HRPP and their components is accessible here.

The JHM HRPP is committed to promoting the highest standards of human participant research and encouraging a culture of sensitivity and responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human research participants.

The JHM HRPP is comprised of organizational oversight offices committed to support the HRPP mission, IRB Committees, a dedicated Office of Human Subjects Research charged with upholding the ethical and regulatory requirements for human participant protections and dedicated researchers and study teams who execute the responsibility of protecting human participants in their daily work.

The JHM HRPP is supported by a dedicated leadership in the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation, Gail Daumit, M.D., M.H.S., and the Associate Dean for Human Research Protections, Megan Kasimatis Singleton, J.D., M.B.E., C.I.P.. 

Expert review of research protocols is carried out through the work of JHM’s seven IRBs to ensure that research is well designed and likely to yield generalizable knowledge, and that risks are both commensurate with benefit and accurately disclosed to research participants.

Partners across the organization ensure human research protections remains at the forefront of all activities related to human participant research.