Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutional Review Board #6

Federal Wide Assurance # FWA00005752-JHUSOM, FWA00006087-JHH & JHHS, and FWA00005719-KKI
OHRP IRB Registration #IRB00008745
Membership Roster - Academic Year 2023-2024

Kenneth Cohen, MD, MBA
Professor, Oncology and Pediatrics

Duane Brewster
Unaffiliated/Non-Scientific Member

Stacy Cooper, MD
Associate Professor, Pediatric Oncology

Christine Hann M.D., PH.D.
Associate Professor, Oncology - Upper Aerodigestive

Matthias Holdhoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor Oncology

Peng Huang, PhD
Associate Professor, Oncology Biostatistics

Alan Regenberg, MBE
Research Associate, Bioethics

Tammy Scott, RN
Senior Research Nurse/Program Manager, Pediatric Oncology

Andrew Stolbach, MD
P&T Committee
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Last Updated: 10/04/23