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Web Tools

  • VMS (Vaccination Management System)

    Vaccination Compliance Dashboard  (**Note: New managerial tool to view employee flu compliance**)

    Note: The report contains personnel information. Accordingly, when accessing the Dashboard you are only authorized to access information for individuals employed in the department(s) for which you have managerial responsibility. You are not authorized to access data maintained for employees of other departments.  

    Questions about flu compliance dashboard, please contact your HR representative.

  • Fit-Test Management System (FTMS) - User Guide

    Fit-Test Department Report Tool - User Guide

    Note: Please keep in mind that your staff employee fit-test & influenza vaccine records may not be available immediately due synchronization issues and turnaround time for updating the web reports.

    Questions about fit-testing tools, please contact:
    Phone: 410-955-5918

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