Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Chemical Safety

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are required as part of the Institutions Safety Program to meet compliance with the both federal and state regulatory standards. If you cannot locate the manufacturer specific SDS, you can contact HSE to assist you in obtaining the information.

SDSs can be obtained by clicking on the website links below or calling 410-955-5918 (internal extension 5-5918) or e-mailing HSE department at [email protected].

Quick Links to SDS Databases & Chemical Information

SDS Requirements

Johns Hopkins staff, including Supervisors, Principal Investigators and Laboratory Managers, are responsible for ensuring their employees have access to Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous chemicals used in the workplace or laboratory. The information in the Safety Data Sheets information must be accessible for employees during all shifts, including laboratory personnel. Access to SDSs can mean access to paper copies or electronic access via the Internet.

HSE strongly recommends paper copies be kept in the workplace or laboratory; however, having SDS websites bookmarked is acceptable as long as all employees in the workplace know where to find the SDS information online.

Keep in mind that any accidents involving a chemical will require an SDS being provided to emergency personnel and to the attending physician so proper treatment can be administered.

How to Obtain an SDS

Our recommended guidelines for obtaining an SDS are as follows:

  1. Keep and use the SDS which is shipped to you with a chemical, or use the SDS which is forwarded to you or your department from HSE.
  2. Use the Internet access to find an SDS for a chemical or product.
  3. If you still can't locate an SDS, you may request one from our office or by using the "Right-to-Know Chemical Information Request Form."