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Three hospitalists working together on a laptop at a table.

Research constitutes a major pillar of our division’s tripartite mission. Research activities at our contribute to the Johns Hopkins overall research mission by investigating outcomes of patients hospitalized with wide ranges of disease, implementing clinical process improvement using qualitative methods and conducting clinical trials. Our researchers have access to exceptional mentors/content experts across the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and collaborate with statisticians and epidemiologists from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR).

  • Research is essential to the core of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Bayview Medical Center. As academic hospitalists, we contribute to the fund of knowledge of hospital medicine which helps our patients. Scholarship is also essential for the development of individual hospitalists and the Division as a whole.

    To facilitate this development and widen our impact on patient care, the BEAR Core:

    1. Brings together clinicians, researchers, and research support staff in a unified setting to promote transparency of research
    2. Engages potential collaborators and provide constructive feedback on projects
    3. Coordinates research resources
    4. Provides peer mentorship to colleagues who are new to research.

    The BEAR Core is meant to ensure collaboration, prevent inefficiencies and/or competition for resources, and provide a sustainable research model for the Division. Hospitalists are under constant pressure to perform clinical duties given their breadth of expertise and ability to practice in multiple settings. Research success ensures continued clinical protection for research.

    BEAR Core meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, from 3 to 4 p.m.

  • Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds (HMGR) were started in 2017 as a forum for hospitalists and other health care professionals to discuss advances in the care of the hospitalized patient. This lecture series covers a wide array of clinical, operational, quality improvement and research issues most relevant to hospitalists and other clinicians who care for hospitalized patients. HMGR is also a forum where visiting professors from various academic institutions from around the country share their research findings and disseminate clinical, operational and quality best practices.

    In prior years, HMGR covered topics such as the role of hospitalists in antibiotic stewardship, care of inpatients with opioid use disorders, and professional development and tools for time management for hospital medicine groups.

    2017-2022 Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds

  • The Division of Hospital Medicine has active faculty prolific in high quality scholarly work.

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